Cavion is committed to pioneering new treatments by testing our technology in compassionately innovative clinical trials that use subject-friendly methods of data collection. We are currently recruiting people with essential tremor for a multi-center clinical trial.  


Research has shown that absence epilepsy is associated with an unusually high activity of T-type calcium channels. CX-8998 is a drug that modulates T-type calcium channels in the nervous system. T-WAVE is a phase 2 clinical trial assessing CX-8998 as a potential treatment for absence epilepsy. The purpose of this study is to learn whether CX-8998 has any side effects and whether taking CX-8998 changes how often absence seizures happen. The study will also measure how quickly the drug enters and leaves the body.


To learn more about the T-WAVE Phase 2 clinical trial, visit


Enrollment has been completed for more than 90 patients with Essential Tremor in the T-CALM Phase 2 clinical trial. The main purpose of this trial is to determine if the experimental drug, CX-8998, will help reduce tremors. Essential tremor may result from changes in the electrical activity in certain regions of the brain. There are scientific reasons to believe that giving CX-8998 may correct these changes and reduce the severity of the tremor. Other goals of this trial are to learn about the side effects of CX-8998, to measure the possible effects of CX-8998 on quality of life, to investigate further how this drug works and to measure the levels of the drug and its breakdown products in the blood.


To learn more about the T-CALM Phase 2 clinical trial, visit Identifier: NCT03101241)


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